Jewish family tours
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Family tours

Travel can be exciting, eye-opening and even transformational. Our family tours are designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder and enrich understanding of a variety of cultures. We provide life-changing experiences for inter-generational groups. Our programs allow the participants to explore the culture of the destination in general and its Jewish culture in particular. Such experiences can be significantly more meaningful when traveling together as a family, either independently or with other families.

Worry-free travel

We take care of every detail of the trip, from the planning stages through the culmination of the experience, and even provide suggestions for what to do during free time.
We make travel easy, freeing family members to connect with each other and enjoy the different ways that each generation experiences the journey, both individually and as a family. We describe clearly what is included in the package – there are no hidden costs or unexpected surprises.

Exclusive family programs

To ensure that each and every family member has a great time, we provide, on a daily basis, a variety of unique family-friendly touring and activities. The tours are designed to immerse the family in the places they visit by including hands-on activities that connect the entire group with the heart and soul of the destination, including its Jewish history and culture.
We provide authentic cultural and social experiences, as well as exclusive activities and events that you cannot get while traveling on your own.
Each tour is escorted by a family-oriented tour educator and guides who engage and inspire the entire family. Hotels, restaurants and touring are hand-picked with the family’s needs in mind.

The Jewish angle

Da’at brings over 25 years of expertise in the world of educational tours to Israel and the Jewish world. In addition to exploring the general culture of the destination, our tours feature the Jewish angle as well. Jewish history and culture, and exploring the current Jewish community, are part of the experience. This is achieved through a variety of exciting and meaningful activities and programs.
In some destinations, a bar or bat mitzvah service in an ancient synagogue can be included as part of the journey.

the JFT

Our Jewish Family Tours offer exclusive family packages as well as scheduled group tours to a variety of family-friendly destinations around the world.